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Italian oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini's 2005 book, now available in English, is an attack on flawed, futile conventional cancer thinking/treatments and a call for a radical reassessment of the disease based on the model that cancer is a fungus—specifically, Candida albicans—and thus can be treated with antifungal medicine. The most powerful antifungal, as Dr Simoncini has discovered, is both inexpensive and unpatentable:
sodium bicarbonate!
Last edition we ran the doctor's article on his fungus theory/therapy, and now readers can study his ideas, therapy and treatment results in more detail. Dr Simoncini gets to the core of cancer's pathological anatomy, considering also the mind-body-spirit connection, and rules out the "bluff" of genetics, multiple factors and cancer statistics in understanding the true nature of the disease.
When orthodox treatments like chemotherapy give patients at best a seven per cent chance of survival, there has to be better way. And a better way there is when the origin and genesis of tumours is understood in terms of pathogenic fungi.
The Candida fungus is explained in terms of its opportunistic behaviour, its similar genetic structure to cancer, its constant presence in cancer tumours and the phenomenon of metastasis. Dr Simoncini outlines his many years of oncological research and his therapy using sodium bicarbonate as a logical solution to the cancer problem. He gives examples of specific bicarb soda therapies to treat cancers of the pharynx, stomach, liver, abdomen, intestines, spleen, pancreas, bladder, prostate, brain, lung, breast, skin and more. Plus, he addresses the arguably more intractable problems of dealing with conformist medical practices, politics and economics that prevent a simple, cheap therapy from reaching the masses.
Dr Simoncini sounds a passionate rallying cry for an effort of association, cooperation and even "spiritual complicity" to dismantle the mistakes and lies of orthodox cancer thinking and treatment and to shed light on appropriate structures and equipment that can restore hope to millions around the world. The clinical case studies bear witness in this most promising, accessible answer to cancer.

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