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Cancer is a fungus | An introduction part 5

Therefore, the answer to the question of what causes a degenerative disease can be found in the discipline that more than anything else has given lustre to medicine and which has promoted medicine from a mere practice to a science; that is, microbiology.

It is in fact clear that, with the exception of bacteriology, the state of knowledge in this field of research is still quite limited, especially when it comes to viruses, sub-viruses and fungi, whose pathogenic valence, unfortunately, is little known.

It is true that scholars have given more attention to these biological entities recently, and in fact, the concept of “innocuous co-existence” attributed to many parasites of the body has begun to be questioned with much greater conviction. More determination is needed, however, in this process of revision of microbiology so that the tight connection between micro-organisms and degenerative diseases can be clarified.

I believe that it is by focussing on just one of these shade areas – on mycology, the realm of fungi – that it will become possible to discover the correct answers to questions concerning the problem of tumours.
Much evidence indicates that this is the road to take: the analogy between psoriasis – an incurable disease of the skin that many treat as fungus – with tumours, which is also an incurable disease of the organism; the symptomatological overlapping of systemic candidosis and cancer; and the strict genetic relationship between mycetes and neoplastic masses. These are all elements that support and confirm the point of view that all types of cancer, as happens in the vegetal world, are caused by a fungus.

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